We (sponsors, volunteers, coaches, administration) at Cheyenne Mountain High School are humbled by not only the positive comments received after the C.M. Stampede Cross Country Race, but the time that each of you took to send them to us.  These comments are very much appreciated and for that reason, we decided to note them on the web site.
Thank you!

Thank you for putting on a great meet.  The new course is awesome!

Please pass on a few special thanks to your volunteers.  We had a very large boy run his first race in the JV race.  Your volunteer on the 4 wheeler went above and beyond to help him through the race. The medical staff helped all our runners.

Great job and thank you!!!

Hi Karen and Stan.

Nice job with the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede….as usual.

Once again what a great job you did putting on the Cheyenne Mt. Stampede.  From all the chatter that I heard, it certainly was a THUMBS UP for the new course  From a coach's point of view, I loved being able to get to the mile, 2 mile, and the finish.
My runners who have run the old course quite a few times had good things to say about the new course.  They liked looking at last year's times and seeing how much faster this course is.
Thank you again

Thank YOU, for a great meet and a wonderful experience for the kids! You and your crew did a fantastic job, and we had a wonderful time! We look forward to seeing you again at State!

Student runner comment on CHSAA decision to keep the State Championship at NPEC/BCP:
I'm not incredibly displeased with this decision (to keep the event at NPEC/BCP). The "gameday factor" that this course brings out is one of the aspects of it that I enjoy. In other words, the unexpected always occurs at Norris-Penrose. Just because it is a difficult course or one that may cater to certain types of runners does not make it "bad." Now runners and coaches alike know to train in the late season with a more mountainous orientation! Having raced on it myself this year for a Mountain Vista, I'd say that this course can truly bring out the best or the worst in a racer. It's up to the individual and how they treat the course; or let it treat them. Many of my fellow runners would agree when I say that, just because a course is difficult does not make it undesirable. Think about it. We pay money so that a coach can send us on runs for 48 weeks a year in any and all conditions while other sports punish their athletes with a jog. Running is a hard sport, and one that is very worthy of a challenging course to cap it off.
 What great things you do for the kids...thank you
Nice job on your part for doing such a GREAT job on a HUGE meet! 


Wow, Great Job with the meet yesterday.  We had a lot of fun at your race.  Super organization and I hope you can get some rest in between this and the state meet.  Take care and thanks again for everything you do for our young athletes and the sport of running!  AMAZING JOB!!!


Heck of a job yesterday! Our kids and families had a great time and kept commenting on how well the meet was run! Keep up the great work and best of luck this year!


My coaches, parents and I were very impressed with how well the meet was run!  We had no complaints at all. Thank you for running a great meet. We look forward to returning for state!

 For a second year meet and expanding it many times larger, you guys did amazing


For what it is worth, I think you did an outstanding job.  You have a supporter.  Hats off ...


From all of us here at ............., we want to congratulate you, your coaches, your community and your sponsors for a well-orchestrated Pre-State Meet. We appreciate all of the hard work that goes into this production! I liked your Athlete Village, the plaques above the starting line, water at the start, the finish in the arena, and all of the fencing and volunteers.


Seriously, it was one of the best run meets I have been a part of. I think that the atmosphere and experience is second-to-none and will be a great host site for state. The barn for the athletes village was awesome, nice to be out of the sun and know we don't have to bring our tent. The Gatorade garden was a huge hit and fun place for the teams to regroup. The cute girl driving the bag check was an added bonus! The coaches lunches/area to view was amazing. The course was well marked and fun yet challenging. All of the volunteers I encountered were friendly and helpful (and easily visible thanks to some bright orange :). I really think you did a great job! Thanks for the communication and the website. All was top-notch.


….I don't think I've ever seen a better run event (especially of that size) in my memory. Everything from the organization to things like parking, the athletes village, start and finish lines were top notch. Everyone on our team as well as parents remarked at how polite and helpful all the volunteers were. A true class act on all counts.


Thanks for a wonderful event. If not for state, we will be back next year. Great job.


As a cross country coach that hosts a big invitational (-------------------), I understand how much work it takes to host a successful meet.  I wanted to say great job with the meet this past Friday!  Running a meet is such a huge task to take on, and .....................HS would like to thank you for all the effort you and your staff put into the event.  We had an excellent time at your meet and found everything to be done very well, you could tell there was a ton of time and energy put into making this day a success!


Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you this upcoming season!

Thank you and 100% satisfied with how the meet went.



It was a very well run meet.  Thank you for hosting such a big meet.



I thought the meet was outstanding!  It's difficult to even  imagine the number of person-hours that had to be involved (and are ongoing) in an undertaking this gargantuan task. Thanks for a marvelous experience!  Good luck the rest of the season.  Looking forward to competing against your teams at state!


   Thanks so much for a great event.  Our kids enjoyed every part of the race, and are excited for the state meet to be held at your facility.


Thanks again for a great event!  Your team was amazing!


All in all I felt you guys did a GREAT job. Thanks again, to you and your team.


You guys put on an amazing meet.  Great for coaches, parents, fans, and most importantly the athletes.  Thank you very much for your hard work and effort. I am in my first year as the head coach at ……., and I am totally impressed with the high caliber meet you put on.  I appreciate that you guys took the time to get the results correct before they were sent out.  

Thank you for an amazing meet!  Our kids had a lot of fun.  So did I.

Nothing but hats off to you for putting on a superb meet.  Nothing of this magnitude has been attempted with such finesse in Colorado, and you really pulled it off.  Even potted plants lining the finish chute!!

You guys did a great job putting on the meet! One thing I was impressed
with was the small details that was put into the meet. Example: the water
truck, team names over the starting positions, plants along the finish
area, the video of the races. I was especially impressed with all the
parents/staff that helped out. They were very friendly and helpful.

Thanks for all the work you put in to the meet.


My team liked the course, the hill was tough and it was hot but it was good.  We give it a thumbs up



You hosted a premier event - the best I have ever seen in high school, college or major cross country events. For me, the little and big things you did was first rate. To name just a few that resonated with me...


fencing and course markings

trail improvements

coaches section at the finish

the gatorade station and drinks for kids at finish

athletes village

the television screens

the name plates above the start

timing system

          catering for coaches


I sat in the stadium with sandwich in hand thinking about how cool it was for kids to have the beautiful mountain backdrop, gatorade in hand, and watching their teammates finish on the big screen.




 I just wanted you to know that myself, my assistant coaches and even some of my friends that coach at other schools thought you guys did a fantastic job and we love the course.


I also thought you should know that pretty much all of my kids are sporting their belt buckles today.  They were stoked about them.  I've actually attached a picture for you.  What do you think about maybe giving coaches a buckle too next year?

Cheyenne Mountain H.S. Runners welcome guest, despite being beaten by them!