Spectator Info

  • No General Admission fee--It is assumed with your parking.
  • $10 Parking per vehicle.
  • DO NOT PARK in the surrounding neighborhoods, and please be respectful of the community. 
      • We would like to host this event for many years.
The CM Stampede/CO State Championship has restroom facili
ties inside the stadium, outside the Athlete Village, at the start line, one mile mark and various locations throughout the venue. We realize that this consideration is
just as important to our guests as the course, the timing and parking. We are proud to say that we have not witnessed major lines since the race inception!

                                                                                                    State Championship (mid-day) no lines!



          Pic- First Annual Unified & Paralympic XC Race at the State Championship
Like most cross country races, every spectator has a different strategy to navigate the viewing. Cross Country Running is the only sport where some of the spectators and coaches typically get a fairly good workout while viewing. We believe that if you have a good viewing plan, you can easily see your runners THREE to FOUR times and it is possible to catch your runners maybe FIVE to SIX times. Where you catch your runners and how many times you see them, is something you should plan out! We have supplied highlighted race maps for each mile below so that you can plan your viewing options in advance. You should be aware that certain sections tend to be more busy than others and you should plan accordingly. So, watch the start, go have a seat in the covered seating area of the stadium and listen to race updates and music provided by our professional DJ. This option is particularly good for our wheelchair guests and elderly spectators. 
A few items you may need:
  • Bring your map/know the course
  • Bring shoes that can navigate mud, dirt and possibly water. 
  • Bring dry shoes for afterwards.
  • Bring water.  Although it is available, it is critical to stay hydrated.
  • Sun protection
 A few quick notes:
  • You can view several sections of the course with a pair of binoculars. 
  • Coaches will be able to see sections of the course from the observation deck with binoculars 
  • Take into account parking time and walking to the venue.  NPEC and BCP is very spacious 
  • ADA:The stadium has a handicapped parking and seating, should you need it. Please inquire with the parking attendants. 
Plan ahead! 


The start line is adjacent to the stadium (on the south side). The race will run toward the Athlete Village--making a gradual loop behind the indoor facility, before entering the Athlete Village.   





Once again, spectating at a cross country meet takes on many options. The finish of the CM Stampede will be unforgettable. The last 1/4 mile of the CM Stampede will be one of the most exciting cross country finishes anywhere, as athletes will cross the creek, climb a hill and enter the stadium-- all within 400 meters! Runners will finish with a dash through the inside of the Norris Penrose Equestrian Stadium--site of world champion cowboys, but on this weekend, the stadium will turn into a cross country extravaganza. 

When the runners enter the stadium, there is the potential to have 6,000 fans in the covered seating cheering, as the runners battle for the final 150m. a decision to watch your runners battle the final stretch and into the stadium may be worth the decision to miss them coming through the final stream crossing, but that is your decision. Either way, you are sure to see excitement. Additionally, we will have EVERY entrance open for easy access into the stadium, but like any cross country meet, you may want to make your plans ahead of time, as the last minute entry to the stadium may be crowded.
Coach's Section
An attempt will be made to have several "coaches only" sections. This will include a section of the grandstands, the observation deck, most importantly, the main floor of the finishing chute. As a coach, you will actually be able to see the finish with unobstructed views!
The Cheyenne Mountain Stampede & Colorado State Championship Cross Country Meets boast a volunteer crew of well over 100 people. Our volunteer crew is made up of Cheyenne Mountain Cross Country team members, parents, students, and staff members from Cheyenne Mountain High School. Such support provided the two meets with a large set up & tear down crew, two announcers (start and finish), course marshal's at all crucial intersections, lead out/sag cyclist, "catchers" at the finish, water station support, upwards of 3-5 physicians in the medical tent, transport of athletes in need, parking attendants, and much much more.  Please thank our volunteers, because without them these events are not possible!   
The concessions inside the stadium are professionally managed and is also a separate entity from Cheyenne Mountain High School and the CM Stampede. The company that runs the concession stands handle major events on a regular basis and will offer professional quality food. Feel free to bring a picnic, drink or food with you as well. Bear Creek Park, on the west side, has several playgrounds and excellent picnic areas. Water is available for all of our guests and easily accessed.  Again, our home is your home.  Enjoy the area.