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Mountain Stampede a Rousing Success

By Matt Norton / September 11, 2011 6:21 PM


The varsity boy’s race enters a stable early in Saturday's Cheyenne Mountain Stampede.

 Photo by Karen Scott.

The folks at Cheyenne Mountain wanted to create a unique and rewarding cross country experience in the state of Colorado.

Like many of us, they are proud of the sport’s hold in these parts, the tradition of the sport in Colorado over the years, and the success our high school athletes achieve on a national level today.

So for quite a number of months, Stan Lambros, Karen Scott, and the rest of the Indian program scouted various places in the Colorado Springs area that could not only provide a great  test for a cross country runner, but provide a venue worthy of a state meet site.

Saturday, 20-plus teams saw the fruit of that vision in the first CM Stampede, held at the Norris Penrose Equestrian Center and adjacent Bear Creek Park. Bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s greeted a strong field, including 4A hopefuls Coronado, Evergreen, Air Academy, Discovery Canyon, Palmer Ridge and Thompson Valley, to take on 2010’s 4A champs.

Driving from the course after a Friday afternoon shake out run, words like “awesome,” “wow,” and “cool” were uttered in my presence, and no less so after racing it Saturday. Truly, only two relatively common elements to running in this state were missing: single-track trail (which the course could provide if wanted) and pavement. But gravel trails, trees, water, hills and great scenery were all present in fine form
Coronado’s Doug Hugill and Evergreen’s Rob Wright were both pleased with the course. Hugill is a big fan of cross country courses being significantly different than oval tracks, and Wright happily noticed many similarities to the terrain he and his runners see at home. Both made comments to the effect of “This is Colorado".   

Not to be outdone by the course, Lambros and his crew paid particular attention to two other aspects of a high school meet that make it memorable: the finish and the awards. Mission accomplished on both fronts, as the finish chute led runners into the 5700-seat rodeo stadium of the Equestrian Center, and winners in all divisions received slick, technical running shirts and/or custom-made belt buckles. The Thompson Valley girls thought it was quite a statement to donate one of their hard-earned buckles to a grateful coach (okay, they only ran six runners and teams got a full complement of seven buckles, but it was still a big deal).

Like any coach/meet director reflecting on a first attempt at a major event, Lambros left the meet yesterday happy but also with ideas for the next Stampede. It needs to be said, though, that the beginning and ending 400 meters of the course had to be changed during race week because of concerns by Penrose staff.

Lambros said he thought he would open an additional alley around the horse stalls to make even more room; varsity races of around 120 runners went through the stables with little issue. He said he also would widen the first creek crossing to include the area reserved for spectators to cross, and adding another crossing for fans. He is also considering adding more gravel to the water crossing. The course measured 48 meters long yesterday but can be changed easily, he said.

The Stampede course is not one for people who’d propose Liberty Bell as the state meet site or those who train frequently on tracks during the fall. But it is a place that holds promise for runners, coaches, and fans who might visit in the future.


Stadium Facilities - (Norris Penrose)

It’s second to none and it is the only facility in the country that sits at the base of beautiful Pikes Peak.

The Norris Penrose Event Center is host to some of the premier events in the U.S.  The venue hosts the US Championships, Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, motorcycle events, and other high profile events.  It is a proven facility with the ability to handle 10,000 spectators, INSIDE THE STADIUM!

Our Stadium Arena is professionally crowned and sloped for proper drainage, with blocked sand footing and the ability to pack or fluff to eight inches.



70′ x 300′ 51,000 square feet

Covered seating for 5,700

Concert capacity for an additional 4,300

Observation deck for additional viewing

Combined capacity 10,000 People!

Ticket Box Office

Merchandise opportunities

Announcer/Press box

Indoor Restrooms

(36 Stalls main floor stadium + 16 more stall around venue)

V.I.P. seating

71 acres

Adjacent to trail systems in the El Paso County Bear Creek Park

Indoor heated training room

Emergency medical station

Ample Parking

70 RV sites with full hookups

Facilities – Meeting / Banquet

Welcome to the Norris-Penrose Event Center meeting and banquet facility. This multipurpose center offers a one of a kind setting, perfect for hosting the Colorado State High School State Cross Country Championships.

The first floor includes concessions, a box office and restrooms.  
Overlooking finish from Balcony 
The 6,000 square foot second level has an open floor plan which is perfect for pre/post race meetings.  The space has full westward and eastward windows and balconies.  The rooftop observation deck presents a panoramic view of the Front Range and Colorado Springs. This location is perfect for viewing the events in the stadium, hosting a press conference or holding a coaches meeting.
Pre/Post Event Meeting Room 
1,800 square foot balcony overlooking our outdoor stadium and course. This vantage also offers an impressive view of the mountains and XC course! Tables can be arranged outside for additional space, and the combination with the inside area, which can comfortably accommodate up to 350 guests, makes this area a valuable resource.  What a home base for media, CHSAA officials, athletic directors, and coaches.
 Balcony overlooking XC Course



Facilities – Indoor Ring


Warm up areas for athletes if needed…..

The Norris-Penrose indoor arena is a 36,000 square foot tree spand building, measuring 300′ x 120′. The arena is lighted, heated and has a public address system. A perfect mix of sand and clay makes up the floor, allowing the facility to accommodate a large amount of people with no worries of making a mess. This facility could act as a warm up area, if conditions are horrible.


Kitchen/food service area

Restrooms/ shower house in very close proximity

The Course
Norris Penrose & Bear Creek Park
Start & Barns 
Athletes will begin with a 400 meter straight run that will have them traverse through two show horse barns(if they choose).  An optional two alleys will be provided for athletes that choose to not go through the barns.
Four wooden bridge crossings in a treed section of the course where athletes can actually get out of view of their competitors
FUN, BUT NOT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  CM Stampede/ CO STATE!!!!

Two small stream crossings (Lead Pack of Boys @ Stampede)


Halfway Hill (top)
One "real" hill worthy of being called the COLORADO XC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS

What is Colorado famous for?   The Mountains!

  Sweeping downhill

A long down hill section where runners can truly open it up and cruse for over a mile


Imagine this picture in snow--Easily plowed!
A course that can be plowed if it should snow


Course Improvements

 Remove barrier and create another alley



 Widen creek crossing






                SPECTATING & MORE              
Creek Crossing For Spectators

Tent Area and Foot Traffic

Parking Lots

Race Support:
Karen Scott, Stan Lambros, Gary Staines, Kris Roberts have not only organized the CM Stampede, but they have all  been participants in local, regional, national and world championship events.  They are in tune with the nuances that athletes and fans look for while attending championship events.  This group will spare nothing to make the Colorado High School Cross Country State Championships worthy of national attention. 
Runners Roost, Colorado Springs has been an incredible supporter of Colorado Cross Country. "The Roost" is one of the major supporters of the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede and they will continue to be a proud supporter in hosting the Colorado State Cross Country Championships.
Corporate sponsors will enhance the already electric atmosphere.
 Major presence @ CM Stampede, but the future is wide open.......(NIKE, SAUCONY, ETC.)

No stranger to State Championship events in high school.  CMHS has won 74 State Championships in a variety of sports, at a variety of venues, and CMHS would love to nothing more than to return the favor and put on the best cross country event possible. 
Colorado Springs - Host City 
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Colorado Springs is a proven supporter of athletic people and athletic events!
Accommodations and Restaurants are Plentiful. Colorado Springs is the Second Largest City in the State of Colorado 

Other State XC Championships
w/ Stadium Finishes:
New Mexico
Rhode Island
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European Championships
World Championship 
Great American XC - hill before entertaining stadium!

 Foot Locker West





Additional Perks! 

Wal-Mart store within 1/2 mile of venue


A couple of miles off I-25 and hwy I-24 with multiple entrances and exits...  Norris Penrose handles the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo and the US Championships for roping


Venue has quick access to plenty of hotels and restaurants in Colorado Springs for various budgets.  Everything from the Broadmoor to the Super 8


JUMBO TRON "available" inside stadium


Covered concession stands that are wheel chair accessible and can offer hot food


Ample trash receptacles with crews who will make sure trash is picked up and bathrooms are well stocked.


Start line that can accommodate portable bathrooms for athletes only


Spectator only trails where spectators can access the course at mile marker 1 within 300 yards of the stadium
RV sites on grounds of Norris Penrose Event Center


Sweeping views of the Front Range, where one feels as if he or she is truly in Colorado--What a back drop for the State Meet!


Lastly, The Norris Penrose Event Center is the middle of a major face lift.  This venue, with a long history, will only get better as the years go on

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  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
  • Pepsi Center
  • Mile High Stadium
  • Denver Coliseum
  • Add another exciting venue to the list at the.........