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                                                                                       STAMPEDE               STATE
 Championship XC Course
About the C.M. Stampede Cross Country Race (Colorado's Pre State Meet)

The Cheyenne Mountain Stampede Cross Country Course is the home of the Colorado Cross Country State Championship. The stunning setting has views of Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Mountain, The Garden of the Gods, and sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and it's location in the second largest city in Colorado, makes it ideal for visitors. We are excited for the event, not only because of it's location in Colorado, but also because the C.M. Stampede boasts an excellent venue in it's own right. The unique location of the Norris Penrose Event Center and Bear Creek Park make an excellent marriage.

The Cheyenne Mountain Stampede race course respects the traditions & history of cross country by designing a course that highlights the stamina, speed, strength, agility and intelligence needed to have success in the sport of cross country. In this spirit and tradition, we would like to especially recognize the efforts of past host sites of the Colorado XC Championship Meet, and let those folks know that we will do our best to carry on the great history and traditions that have helped shape the landscape Colorado Cross Country. 

There will be no napping on the Stampede/State course! The surface of the course is comprised of the typical surface that most Coloradans train and race on--decomposed granite, but there are several other features that make this a true cross country course and a few features that resemble some European race courses. Runners will navigate four bridge crossing, two show barns, traverse through a water feature twice, and run up a decent size hill. Athletes are sure to get plenty of dirt and mud on them before they return to a unique finish inside the Norris Penrose Equestrian Stadium. 
The first mile of the course is relatively flat and the one mile marker is a short walk from the start. The second mile is by far the most challenging, as the runners begin to climb the decisive hill that will lead them to one of the most spectacular views in Colorado cross country. After the 300m ascent, runners will be greeted to a gentle descent for the next half mile before approaching the return through the trees, bridges and stadium finish.
The Cheyenne Mountain Stampede & State High School Cross Country Championship will be races to remember!
After placing second in 2012 2A State Meet, Jake Erickson comments on the course :
“That’s a tough race, especially the first 400 (meters),” Erickson said. “You don’t want to get out too fast, but you need that energy going up the big hill. Then it’s all downhill and you can let your body carry you. There’s so much to think about, the race is over before you know it.”

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